What’s news is the fact that Canada’s superstar banker has been asked to be a top personal adviser to Trudeau himself. Somewhat disconcerting was the fact that Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, who has at least earned accreditation from the press gallery as the “stable” in Trudeau’s cabinet, came out […]

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Gold and silver sold off when Russia announced that it had an effective vaccine for coronavirus. This plays into the myth that a cure for COVID-19 will cure the economy. But there is plenty of evidence suggesting the damage to the economy is deep and will likely have long-lasting impacts […]

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There’s nothing unprecedented about Covid-19 itself. The equally novel, equally infectious Asian flu of 1957 had commensurate fatalities in Britain: scaled up for today’s population, the equivalent of 42,000, while the UK’s (statistically flawed) Covid death total now stands at 46,000. Globally, the Asian flu was vastly more lethal, causing […]