A high school student speaks out on feminism

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Feminism is a heterogeneous set of political, cultural, economic and social movements whose objective is the search for equality of rights between men and women, and to eliminate the domination and violence of men over women and 6 of social roles according to the gender, in addition to social and political theory.

The influence of feminism has achieved changes in areas such as the right to education, the vote of women, the right to work, equality before the law or reproductive rights, among many others. In its intellectual aspect, feminist theory has also influenced critical theory, giving rise to gender studies, as well as for subdisciplines of social science studies.

Now, feminism today has lost its way. At the end of the 19th century, the feminism of the “first wave” legitimately began as a movement to establish, above all, the suffrage of women. From then on, it quickly became a movement that focused on achieving equal opportunities for women in the workplace and equality before the law. Throughout the 1960s, the “second wave” feminism sought an end to sexual harassment and fought against discrimination.

Desperate attempt to remain relevant

It is important to say that all the objectives have been worthy and, to a large extent, have been achieved successfully. However, current feminism, the “third wave” feminism, has become a shrill and self-satisfied crusade that, in what seems to be a desperate attempt to remain relevant, has not only vilified men but has also It has turned against children, families and even women.

In this way, modern feminism has proposed to infiltrate family life, destroying it with poisonous lies through the cultivation of a “culture of grievances” in which women should always be considered as victims. It has done so by promoting the ideological falsity that men and women are not natural allies, but that their relationship is of an adverse nature.

Similarly, feminism strives to confront women against men at every opportunity. As a result, men are not allowed to talk about any issue related to women, from the supposed “wage gap” to abortion and even the difficulties men face simply because they are men. The new anti-men hashtags coined by modern feminists, #killallmen or #menstears to name a couple, show how feminism has allowed itself to become synonymous with misandry.

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Source: Helene Hennig | The Post Millennial

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