Are Immigration Levels In Canada Too High? Apparently, They Are.

Canada Welociming to immigrants James Alexander Michie

When the question arises, are the levels of immigration in Canada too high? There is a clear answer and apparently, it is. It should be noted that on May 3, Maxime Bernier, founder, and leader of the Popular Party of Canada, conducted a survey on Twitter.

Also, in that survey, Bernier asked respondents how many immigrants they think they should enter Canada each year. At the time of publication, 72 percent of the approximately 12,800 respondents voted for the “100k or less” option. In this way, it is established as a surprising response. Above all, because Bernier has suggested that his party would reduce the number of immigrants per year to 250,000, which represents 150,000 more people than most respondents wanted. This general dissatisfaction with Canada’s immigration levels is also not happening in a PPC vacuum.

Undoubted dissatisfaction

For its part, Global News carried out a survey where it was found that 54 percent of Canadians believe that as a country, they are too welcoming to immigrants.

On the other hand, the Angus Reid Institute found that, in response to the liberal government’s goal of accepting 310,000 immigrants and refugees, 49% said that this amount should decrease compared to only 6% that was in favor of increasing it.

Now there is no doubt that politicians have an important and significant role in the issue, therefore, many ask themselves, what should politicians do about dissatisfaction with immigration levels?

That being the case, the dispute over immigration levels in Canada could be almost completely diminished if politicians bombed immigration interruptions for a while.

Bernier’s plan to accept 250,000 immigrants per year, although significantly higher than many of his supporters want, could be a good place to start.

Meanwhile, dissatisfaction with illegal immigration in Canada is even greater. 67 percent of respondents agreed with the feeling that “irregular border crossings” are a crisis.

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