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Author: James Alexander Michie

After the departure of Maxime Bernier, a survey emerged in which it has been shown that before the departure of the same caused a positive reaction to the statement he gave regarding a new projected game, with a figure of 13% support around the whole nation. So it seems that possibly the figures are perhaps due to dissatisfaction with Scheer or perhaps the fact that some Canadians live attached to the belief that in order to solve the existing problems and that they can be discussed frankly a party is necessary now that I have the vigor and integrity required for this task, which of course in his opinion could not be done by other existing parties.

Some problems include the management of immigration as well as supply, which are major concerns for Canadians. It seems that, in terms of immigration, Bernier agrees with the evolution of society as long as it is “organic and gradual” and likewise everything points to a large part of Canadians agreeing with him. On the other hand, with regard to the management of supply, the concern of the free market soul of Bernier, that is not interchangeable, since, in fact, it is a done deal.

There are those who speak of Bernier and say that he was always more than a gadfly. In addition to this, it is said that unlike many partners of the CCP who support dejectedly Scheer, because they think that has a greater chance of defeating Trudeau.

Similarly, it should be noted that Bernier does not necessarily have to emerge as the winner in an election to create the national conversation to the right as is not the case of the Reformist Party. In fact, it is said that the CCP will surely lose its next elections and a leadership review will be carried out in which Bernier will not have to worry because he will surely be accompanied by a sea of followers ready to be part of the CCP.

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Source: Barbara Kay | National Post

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