Best Life Lessons For Men - What Your Father Forgot To Teach You

Best Life Lessons for Men James Alexander Michie


There is no doubt that the elderly possess wisdom because of the lessons they have learned throughout their lives. For young people who know the rules, breaking them is not of great concern since it is painful. However, every action attracts a reaction, which would lead to a consequence. That being the case, I could discover it in the most difficult way so it could be painful.

That said, it is necessary to indicate a universal truth. For any man to want to achieve success in his life, he must understand the same, otherwise, he would not achieve such success. And is that “To grow, first man must have the will to learn from their own mistakes.”

However, ego and fear are perhaps the two biggest obstacles to doing so. These lead to a large number of men to lives of suffering, lack of happiness and despair. For some who do not have a male model, understanding this concept is almost impossible, because nobody is there to teach them in the first place.

It is necessary to establish a really influential factor in the success that a man can have in his life. And it is that what separates successful men from unsuccessful men in this world is how well they make the transition from children to young men and beyond.

Importance of an age transition

It is well known that we all learn the basics as children; things like the right versus the wrong, take responsibility, etc. they come naturally. Most of these ideas are incorporated into their brains from birth or taught so repetitively that we can fully understand them.

The truth is that the most important and brutal lessons of life appear later in adulthood. They are the exposed moments where they put us in survival mode and force us to make our own decisions, and deal with each and every one of the results that we finally begin to learn. As we find our mistakes, in the end, we must realize that we can not escape from them, but simply embrace them.

However, for some men, it can take a lifetime to understand this concept. And in fact, some never manage to understand it and therefore do not achieve success in their lives.

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