Canada decides to stand up for human rights in… (spins wheel) Venezuela: Neil Macdonald

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Surely Trudeau realizes that in using the terms "violation of human rights and the complete disregard of rule of law," he's describing a whole gang of the world's governments — not just Venezuela's. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

It seems that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau certainly looks more comfortable pointing out virtue or lecturing about peaceful coexistence and mutual respect. And it is that Trudeau was in a happy place on Monday, inaugurating the meetings of the Lima Group in Ottawa, whose effective purpose is to get rid of the Maduro regime in Venezuela.

Thus, the Lima Group is a multilateral body that was established after the so-called Lima Declaration on August 8, 2017, in the capital of the same name. Representatives of 14 countries met there to follow up and seek a peaceful solution to the crisis in Venezuela. Among other things, it demands the release of political prisoners, calls for free elections, offers humanitarian aid and criticizes the breakdown of institutional order in the South American country.

Thus, referring to its members, the opposition leader, and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido is not only the new leader of the country. In fact, he is now a member of his group.

Trudeau referring to Venezuela

“For years”, Trudeau said in his opening remarks, “we have witnessed the collapse of democracy in Venezuela and a dictatorship willing to use force, fear and coercion to retain power”.

Trudeau continued to express outrage at the situation in Venezuela, specifically about human rights. That being said, “The violation of human rights and the total contempt for the rule of law demonstrated by the regime has been both inexcusable and unacceptable”.

Nicolas Maduro, is a former bus driver and union leader who took charge of his mentor, Hugo Chávez. He has been branded as a bully, who has been trained by Cuban communists who hated the US government. It has been loved by the political left in the West, which considers its struggle to maintain power to be the most recent effort in a long history of campaigns by the industrial and military establishment of the United States to eradicate leftism in Latin America. But what it has achieved is to seize the oil wealth of Venezuela.

In this way, he personifies how fascists and Marxists, when they indulge their hunger for power, begin to behave in the same way. There is no doubt that Maduro is the champion of the poor.

Meanwhile, Canada promises $ 53 million to help the Venezuelan refugees while the allies of the Lima Group meet to talk about the “dictator” Maduro.

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Source: Neil Macdonald | CBC News

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