Canadian sports “experts” embrace misogynist practices to please trans activists­

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Canadian Sports Experts James Alexander Michie

Female athletes need to know that their coaches, managers and associations will stand up to politically correct tyranny. Photo: Youtube

Canadian “experts” in sports adopt misogynistic practices to please trans activists

It should be noted that sport is an area where the community will resist “social justice” initiatives if they conflict with the basic principles of a level playing field and zero tolerance for deception. It is already well known that in the long history of the sport, that meant that women competed against women and men competed against men in all sports where the advantage lies in size, power and/or speed. But how true will it be today?

A clear example of this is when a biologically male runner or cyclist who is in the middle of the group in men’s races becomes the gold medalist in a female race. Since in this way he deceives the silver and bronze athletes who are at his side on the podium, and especially the woman who came in fourth place. Even so, it also deceives the people who went out to see a clean career.

Fair or unfair?

For no one is it a secret that today “inclusion” has become an obsessive theme in our culture. However, there are usually logical limits to inclusion that no one objects to. However, only citizens can vote. Only people with a certain level of health and fitness can join the Armed Forces. But sports associations that used to accept limitations and categories based on the principles of reason and equity are now prepared to sacrifice both on the altar of transit reverence.

Likewise, gender studies and sociology, including sports sociology, are currently marinated in theories of gender fluency and social construction. Doctors in these specialties are then hired as “gender identity experts” by sports associations to help formulate “inclusion” policies. It is necessary to emphasize that previously they were activists for the interests of women. Now they are activists for trans interests. But in sports, inclusion for trans cannot help but result in exclusion for women.

Thus, it could be said that the definition of the word “trans”, for sporting purposes, according to the EWG, “includes but is not limited to people who identify themselves as transgender, transsexual, transvestite (adjective) or non-conforming with gender (diverse genre or gender) “. Even so, this is a pretty baffling mashup.

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Source: Barbara Kay | The Post Millennial

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