All those in positions of political power, all governments, all kings, and all republican authorities have always looked askance at private property. There is an inherent tendency in all governmental power to recognize no restraints on its operation and to extend the sphere of its dominion as much as possible. […]

Blue collar wordker construction job stock pixabay Breitbart | James Alexander Michie

Fifty-one percent of liberals and 45 percent of Democrats told a pollster that too few of their fellow Americans are willing to fill construction, technology, hospitality, and other service jobs, regardless of pay. The liberal responses “are driven by contempt for their fellow-countrymen in general and working-class whites in particular,” suggested […]

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò warns the president that the current crises over the coronavirus pandemic and the George Floyd riots are a part of the eternal spiritual struggle between the forces of good and evil. June 6, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Editor’s note: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has released this powerful letter today to […]