Time Magazine James Alexander Michie

Just as the world has changed and reinvented itself for good or bad, journalism has kept pace with it. However, today’s journalists are not “guardians of the truth”. And is that journalism today has abandoned any attempt to be objective. Apparently, Time magazine is wrong. And is that it continues […]

Corporate debt is reaching such a point that it is also reaching record levels. In fact, there could be a threat to the global economy. And it is that if the rates increase or the profits fall of the highly leveraged companies, these would become a threat. While for some […]

Trudeau James Alexander Michie

Normally the meeting turns out to be friendly, despite this it became a little tense and without an agreement reached. In fact, the confrontation of APEC has caused great uncertainty against the G20. Possibly, due to the alphabet, the Chinese president was positioned in the first row. Just above Xi’s […]