Former Prime Minister of Iceland: ‘Melting Glaciers Are Nothing to Panic About’

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David Gunnlaugsson is an Icelandic politician who was the youngest acting prime minister of Iceland from May 2013 to April 2016. He was also president of the Progressive Party from 2009 to October 2016. He was elected member of the Althing (Iceland’s Parliament) as The eighth member of the Reykjavík North constituency on April 25, 2009. He has represented the Northeast constituency as its first member since April 27, 2013.

The weather is always changing and humans are always adapting, writes Iceland’s former prime minister, so people should stop panicking over global warming. Despite the stories delivered by “reporters with teary eyes” about the tragedy of the melting of the glaciers, the fact is that some glaciers melt while others grow and so it has been throughout history, says Gunnlaugsson.

What is absurd for Gunnlaugsson

“Our climate changes, but humans adapt. Instead of scaremongering, we should approach this situation on a scientific and rational basis”, Gunnlaugsson writes in the latest issue of the Spectator.

Likewise, Gunnlaugsson emphasizes that it is “absurd” to suggest that humans should “sacrifice the achievements of modern civilization if we are to save the planet”.

Similarly, “Take Iceland’s melting glaciers. Troubling as a calving glacier might seem, such a phenomenon is by no means out of the ordinary”, also he notes, “In fact, this process defines a glacier: they move. Glaciers shed ice at their edges as ice builds up closer to the center. It is a spectacle we have witnessed in Iceland since the first settlers arrived in the ninth century”.

Gunnlaugsson argues that even the widely reported “death” of the Ok Glacier was an exaggerated, media-driven spectacle, as it was a “relatively small mountain-top glacier that had been receding for decades”.

Thus, Gunnlaugsson points out that in general, people have a remarkable ability to adapt to environmental disruption, which should prevent us from being scared of such changes.

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