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It’s Time to Kill Canada’s Sacred Cow – Supply Management

Author: James Alexander Michie

It is no surprise to anyone that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has a certainly conflicting and somewhat rude attitude, likewise one could say that he is an erratic and unpredictable character, now he has a point regarding the administration system of supplies that some Canadian citizens as well as the government of that nation, seem to be determined to defend regardless of the price that it entails. Similarly, it seems that over the years it is usually a tendency among successive Canadian governments to sacrifice other commercial and more relevant objectives in order to maintain the ineffective system of protectionism for the dairy and poultry sectors, soothing in such a way to the lobby of dairy and poultry products and likewise a small inferiority of voters.

Likewise, Trump then points to the administration of the supply as a casus belli for his trade war with Canada exposing the true cost of it, in addition to this Trump’s criticism could be considered as solid, since the system to manage factors such as manufacturing, the supply, cost and access to the market of both dairy and poultry products, really irrational and inadmissible to such an extent that it has yielded that Tump take political coverage to establish solid tariffs for Canada.

It is important to note that Donald Trump has not been the only or the first political leader to suggest certain concerns regarding the administration of supplies from Canada, since Japan, New Zealand, Australia, among other nations have suggested criticism regarding the limitations protectionists of Canada for dairy and poultry products.

However, Canada remains firm and continues to defend a system that is considerably broken while other jurisdictions have been issued systems that entail equivalent quotas, coupled with this the Canadian government urges to preserve the management of supply thus forcing your nation to renounce more than it should with respect to other sectors and in the same way protecting supply management entails imposing opportunity costs. Likewise, some people consider that Canada keeps working against its own interests to protect an industry that does not need any protection.

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Source: Brett Byers-Lane | Macdonald-Laurier Institute


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