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Hydrogen Fueling James Alexander Michie

How hydrogen could shake up Canada's energy sector

Author: James Alexander Michie

It is possible that the energy sector in Canada is affected due to hydrogen, in fact, some time ago it was said that hydrogen could replace gasoline, thus becoming the most frequent fuel among users, but in the same way it is considered that said opinions were somewhat exaggerated since for this to happen hydrogen should solve various problems which do not allow it to continue advancing more effectively and quickly.

It is important to highlight one of the problems presented by hydrogen vehicles and that are similar to those presented by electric cars and is that there are no necessary service stations resulting in the need to build more of them according to experts, conditional cars fueled by gasoline will continue to dominate Trans-Canada for many more years. A clear example of this is the first retail hydrogen retail station located in Vancouver that does not cover the existing demand since more is needed to be able to allow a normal transfer for the users.

Hydrogen is emerging as an alternative to what was previously considered a great vanguard to reduce traffic pollution, so several companies have focused on hydrogen by investing in it, in fact, an example of this are those companies with headquarters in Calvary, ATCO and Enbridge, which are carrying out separate projects in order to use hydrogen to store electricity.

A project that attracts attention is that of ATCO, which has a significant pipeline network in Western Australia that aims to supply natural gas to communities, however, this technology is not yet available for commercialization. Similarly, hydrogen is being used to mix it with natural gas and result in domestic heating, now if this were used throughout the United Kingdom would save up to six million tons of carbon emissions per year which would be equivalent to eliminate 2.5 million vehicles from the roads.

However, despite the benefits provided by hydrogen as an alternative, it has a disadvantage and is that at the time of producing hydrogen when one form of energy is converted into another, part of it is lost and therefore it is said that wait to see if the cost and efficiency of producing it can be reduced to be commercially viable. It is important to emphasize that renewable energies are already causing a great impact in the electrical systems but if it is reached a reliability in them, without any doubt it would impel them so that they have a greater development.

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