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Christie Blatchford: How much do I love Max Bernier? Let me count the cartels

Author: James Alexander Michie

Maxime Bernier, who was born in Canada on January 18, 1963, is a Member of the Parliament of Canada and Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs until a scandal occurred in May 2008. Bernier is a businessman and lawyer who holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Quebec in Montreal, as well as being a lawyer from the University of Ottawa and Vice President of the Institute of Economics of Montreal.

Bernier has remained a topic of conversation due to the events that have occurred lately, in which he is involved. Some people do not agree with the politician, but there are those who in fact claim to love him because of his way of being and for each of the actions he takes.

Likewise, some people call him a dynamic and active person, and they are not afraid to show or say that a certain maddening feeling has recently arisen in them. An example of this is a journalist who has dedicated some of her articles to the politician, in one of them the journalist talks about some things that Bernier loves.

Emphasizing the words expressed by the journalist with regard to Bernier in one of her articles, she expresses “I love how she has embraced that nickname, that apparently she was given advisers by the then conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and that, of course, she denigrated her ability to solve a problem, like when I was a minister of the federal industry. ”

In this article, it is also appreciated how the journalist expresses how much she likes chapter 5 of her book that has been titled “Live or Die With Supply Management”, which has not been published in the same way. In the article, the politician uses the word “cartel” in such a way as if it were part of his everyday language, in order to detail the supply management system used to conserve the cost of various products. Added to this, it is necessary to highlight that in his book Bernier clarifies that “The word cartel applies to a system, not to individuals, and does not necessarily describe criminal behavior.”

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