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Author: James Alexander Michie

Now it is said that everyone should give their support to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau against Trump’s America, which would require a serious nationalist electoral campaign, along with reasonable value from the foreign-owned industry as well as a growth-oriented fiscal structure.

Now it should be noted that Canadians, including Prime Minister Trudeau, have done too much for the tariffs that could be classified as threatening by the US Administration led by Donald Trump, under national security legislation. That is no more relevant than the fact that there was no war in progress or was apprehended when Pierre Trudeau imposed the War Measures Act in 1970 to deal with the terrorists of the FLQ.

Similarly, it is necessary to highlight a point and that is to EE. UU does not mind leaving some protection for those who are economically cataloged as tiny Canadian publishing and cultural industries, in fact, both parties are trying to reach some kind of application agreement, that being said, it could be said that for this reason, an agreement should be possible.

Meanwhile, when talking about Canada, it becomes the answer that the nation has less than a third of the population of Mexico, but a GDP 50% larger, therefore has taken a leading role in the negotiation with the Americans, thus ensuring the Mexicans that Canada would take care of them. Mexico has attracted many US companies to build factories just across the southern border of the US. UU And of equal formal export their products and unemployment to the EE. UU while it facilitates the task of the illegal entry of a large number of indigent Mexicans and Central Americans into the United States and thus encouraging American companies not to patriarize their profits, they return to the United States, but to redistribute them in Mexico, taking advantage of the hand of cheap work and low corporate taxes in Mexico.

As a result, it is understood that in such a case that the prime minister decides to fight, must be supported by all against the so-called America Trump, which would be necessary a serious nationalist campaign, which would also include a certain level of channeling to a fair level.

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Source: Conrad Black | National Post

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