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Author: James Alexander Michie

Maxime Bernier has been the protagonist of several articles in which the last actions of the conservative are discussed, likewise, he caused a stir when he left the party to which he belonged and which is led by Andrew Scheer. Bernier to abandon dramatically the conservative party argued that the same “is too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed” and likewise over the days said he would form his own conservative party but does not yet have a defined name and is necessary highlight that since the politician gave the announcement about his new party no other conservative deputy has announced plans to join his party.

A survey of Nanos Research was created for The Globe and Mail, where various figures were obtained regarding what the position of the Canadians would be for the new party led by Maxime Bernier and 17% would be willing to vote for the new party, a 70% would not support Bernier while 12% still would not be sure what their position would be with respect to the new conservative party. The survey of 1,000 Canadian adults took place on August 25 and 27 as part of a general survey. Canadians who participated in the survey were recruited through random calls to cell phones and landlines. Likewise, the results obtained are weighted by age, sex and geography to reach a representative sample.

Now, pollster Nik Nanos spoke about the poll and said that the results made it clear that Bernier would probably not be a candidate for power but despite that stated that according to the figures obtained, a strong campaign could be enough to achieve the official party status. Besides, I declare “I think the reality is that this is going to have a more symbolic impact on the conservatives than a real impact,” and likewise I express “The narrative that the conservatives are divided, that there is an individual who was Almost the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada who has drifted away very stridently because of his belief that the party has lost its way is probably more damaging to the Conservative Party than the actual number of votes it would get. ”

One sure fact is that these probably were not the results Maxime Bernier expected.

Take a read: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-poll-finds-17-per-cent-of-canadians-are-open-to-supporting-maxime/


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