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In the past, Trudeau has said that the same standards would apply to him if an accusation of sexual misconduct is levied his way. It appears he changed his mind. (Julie Debeljak/CBC) | James Alexander Michie

Author: James Alexander Michie

Ironically, now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his supporters ask to be considered with respect to a set of standards for the same and a set of standards for others. It requests a kind of consideration that was previously denied to other people.

Many people consider this as a certain hypocritical behavior since it is a question of employing a firm policy of zero tolerance, which ends up showing a certain tolerance for man. It should be noted that what happened at a music festival was not discussed when Trudeau was a school teacher at 28, before joining the world of politics.

Trudeau says he did not act inappropriately, he says he does not remember any altercation or negative encounter, admitting later that if there was some kind of meeting but in his opinion, he did not act inappropriately.

Likewise, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has the support of members of the government cabinet on the handling of allegations to stores.

The meeting so mentioned did not come out of anywhere to make it public, it had already been published publicly by an editorial. The incident is expected to be completely eliminated since it took place almost 20 years ago and as a consequence, it catches the woman involved in that altercation in a political and mediatic storm.

However, misconduct should not be ignored just because some of the people involved want to keep it private, women should be protected and without doubt, men should be accountable no matter who they are.

Trudeau now deals with accusations of sexual misconduct, which is difficult to handle but of course, he does not admit it.

Take a read: https://www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/trudeau-groping-allegation-1.4738492

Source: Robyn Urback | CBC News


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