James Alexander Michie: Trump’s tactics before NATO | CNN

Trump's secret NATO strategy | James Alexander Michie

Trump's secret NATO strategy | James Alexander Michie

Author: James Alexander Michie

Again the president of the United States Donald Trump causes a stir in a meeting with the NATO allies that took place in Brussels, Belgium, by insulting the closest friends of the United States.

It was expected that Trump again did theirs, so much so that in reality the European leaders hoped that this summit was bad and did not have a very pleasant development, but Trump made it much worse than they could imagine.

Previously the summits used to be a window for reconciliation, to reaffirm unity among the nations and to work in private to resolve any differences between the parties to consolidate the alliance and preserve in such a way the peace and prosperity that will also benefit the nations allies. However, Trump is not enthusiastic about the same, on the contrary, detonated a grenade and caused a stir by declaring that the allies of the United States were taking advantage of the United States, emphasizing their concerns through social networks.

Now, this creates several questions, as well as what are the true intentions of Donald Trump? analyzing the situation and giving the reason to the US president could be suggested that only try to make the allies do not abuse the generosity of EE. UU. and only pay for their own defense which would be for their benefit and in turn strengthen NATO, but this would be very unlikely so another hypothesis arises and is that Trump could be trying to achieve the opposite, apparently could to be trying to break NATO, since it seems that it is exaggerating the financial facts in such a way that it tries to shake the world and turn it into a much more dangerous place than it already is, withdrawing to EE. UU North Atlantic Alliance, which would undoubtedly end NATO, is a triumph for Vladimir Putin who has not denied that it would be excellent for Russia.

Similarly, Trump said the allies of the United States were “criminals” and even accused Germany of being a “Russian captive” because a pipeline unites both countries.

Take a read: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/07/11/opinions/trump-nato-strategy-opinion-ghitis/index.html

Source: Frida Ghitis | CNN


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