Maybe it’s not Bernier’s time

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Maxime Bernier James Alexander Michie

Maxime Bernier is shown in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on September 28, 2017. Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

Possibly it is not the time of Maxime Bernier and in fact, maybe he is not the right guy.

Possibly time is not established as the concern of all. Being that some may object to Bernier leaving the Tories on principle because they do not like the principles. In addition to this, we find an emergency argument. One response from Twitter to my support from Bernier was “Canada cannot afford another Trudeau term”. It should be noted that he is just a genius with big harmful government plans. And in no way the only one. Since not all wear red ties. In addition to this, we find the argument of loyalty at all costs. But it’s kind of rich to listen to the old reformers Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney.

Emphasizing Harper, he also had massive deficits to stimulate the economy, he covered the tax code with legal gaps to buy votes, and he undertook to defend the management of the offer in trade negotiations and was lost after a majority incremental timid period that did not leave a valuable legacy.

Without a doubt, Canadians have the possibility to do better and likewise dare to dream big. In fact, he is trying to push for it to be so. But something that should also be is to stay together to implement our agenda. Regardless of what is in it, whether winning the election, regroup after a defeat, among others. But even so, if it is never a good time to raise fundamental questions, specific excuses are no longer important.

Questions about Bernier

It is important to bring up a series of questions to help clarify the picture and define what is right. Such as, is Maxime Bernier perfect? No. As is possibly not anyone. Is it easy to start a new party? No. Is it easy to stop in principle? It will not work? Probably not.

It is always a good time to do the right thing, and it is never a good time to do the wrong thing.

Source: John Robson | National Post

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