Premiers ‘threatening national unity’ with their demands on federal environmental bills: Trudeau

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The Premiers are currently considered threatening national unity with their demands on federal environmental bills. In this way, the Prime Minister has expressed, “The fundamental job of any Canadian prime minister is to hold this country together”.

Likewise, Trudeau affirms that the center-right prime ministers who demand that the federal government accept commitments on pending legislation to regulate the development of natural resources are threatening national unity. In this way I indicate with precision, “The fundamental job of any Canadian prime minister is to hold this country together, to gather together and move forward in the right way.” And anyone who wants to be prime minister, like Andrew Scheer, needs to condemn those attacks on national unity”.

A firm Trudeau

The Prime Minister has a clear opinion and stands firm to it. And it is that Trudeau considers as an absolutely irresponsible act that conservative prime ministers threaten national unity if they do not get away with it

Trudeau made the remarks a day after the prime ministers of Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories wrote to him to demand concessions on two key government bills.

It should be noted that the first part of the legislation is C-69, the Liberal government’s attempt to rewrite the rules to approve the main national resource projects in Canada. The second is C-48, the planned ban for oil tankers along the northern coast of British Columbia.

In fact, in this letter, you can read, “The federal government must recognize the exclusive role of provinces and territories over the management of our non-renewable natural resource development or risk creating a constitutional crisis”

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Source: Peter Zimonjic | CBC News

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