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The report confirms what should have been obvious from the start: the more “variable” wind and solar are introduced into any electricity system, the more they make it both more expensive and less reliable.David McNew/AFP/Getty Images

It seems that green energy is a resounding failure and coupled with it is really disastrous. In fact, a report was released which surely is quite embarrassing for the government of Justin Trudeau. World Energy Outlook (WEO) has published among hundreds of charts, tables, and tables. In them, important information has been denoted. And that is the percentage of total global primary energy demand. Supplied by wind and solar energy. The answer is 1.1 percent. The mountains of politics have worked and produced not just a mouse, but, as the report reluctantly recognizes, it is a hugely disturbing mouse.

It is important to mention that the International Energy Agency (IEA) has been transformed in recent years into an increasingly schizophrenic organization. In fact, it is a source of energy information and an action plan for the sustainable development program focused on the UN climate. Therefore, he must speak of the “transition to a low carbon future” while reporting that it is not happening.

The embarrassing situation for the Trudeau government

The given report must be really embarrassing for the liberal government of Justin Trudeau. Despite this, it can certainly claim genuine leadership on the most energetic route to transition. Because he plans to kill the fossil fuel Industry by edict.

Likewise, the report given by WEO projected that the global use of fossil fuels, and related emissions, will grow until 2040. At least, as oil, gas, and coal continue to dominate the energy landscape. In the same way, he struggles to give a positive turn to wind and solar energy. Solar energy had a “record year” in 2017. The business of solar energy in China is “booming”. Meanwhile, the new additions of wind and solar energy exceeded those of fossil fuels in 2017. These have been driven by support for policies and lower costs.

On the other hand, referring to the reduction of costs, solar energy is not the most optimal option. Since it is at least twice as expensive as a coal generator and almost twice as expensive as gas. The report has shown something and is that the more “variable” wind and solar is introduced in any electrical system, the more they make it more expensive and less reliable.

Source: Peter Foster | National Post

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