Rex Murphy: Shame on you Sportsnet. Don Cherry deserved much, much better

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Don Cherry National Post | James Alexander Michie

Don Cherry is photographed on Nov. 12, 2019, the day after being fired from Coach's Corner by Sportsnet for comments he made about people who don't wear poppies in honour of Remembrance Day.Craig Robertson/Postmedia News

Don Cherry deserved much, much more. Only three cheers for Don Cherry. And as that clearly seems insufficient, three more applause for the great old man.

Certainly for 39 years, Don Cherry has been the face, the voice and the proudest celebrant of the chosen game in the country, and Sportsnet closes that race and deepened it out of the air, because the so-called “usual crowd” became furious and screamed Just about what, in the worst case, was a rather delicate phrase that consisted of two words.

Likewise, there are diverse opinions that still exist, but many agree that there is no career in the entire sporting history of Canada, and there will never be another as successful, as entertaining, as lively and enthusiastic as Don Cherry’s. And this is how it ends. There is no testimonial dinner. There is no gathering of hockey heroes, old and young, to toast and toast the master communicator of the game. There are no television specials to celebrate the best television star that purely Canadian television has produced.

Poor recognition

Embarrassingly, Sportsnet gives him the boot in a three-sentence (non-grammatical) press release that should be placed in a museum for its rare combination of perfect corporate sanctuary and total greediness. No doubt he deserved much more, something better.

For his part, Bobby Orr, who knows Don Cherry as nobody else knows him, set the limit at this moment with this slap of a statement: “What they have done to him … is shameful. It really is.”

In the meantime, many more share their annoyance and if done, they consoled that until a few days ago, there was so little awareness of “The Social” of CTV as someone who lived in Tibet. In fact, it has been said that he is now one of the yakfests that cram the morning schedule, a clone of the unbearable headache of the United States. “The View.” And based on the now infamous but ignorant rant about “white” boys who were not “very friendly” and often “Bullies.” Also see has indicated that in The Social, common decency is known only as of the name of a dog that visits the lobby of a building next door.

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