Rex Murphy – Was it code? The PM’s bizarre announcement on the carbon tax hike


It is no secret to anyone that Canada has been more or less closed for more than two months. And is that almost no part of the business or industry has been saved.

Likewise, oil prices were already at the bottom due to the forced excess of Russia and Saudi Arabia, the cheapest gasoline ever since Noah left the Ark, and started the first motorboat. So, from the point of view of revenue collection, the moment was certainly inactive. Still, with so many people out of work and on tight personal budgets, more than a million jobs went missing but are still hired to pay, and to pay the bills, it was not the time to raise a tax.

Likewise, it is necessary to remember that there were still some “essential services” — agriculture and road transport, to name the two most obvious — that would require energy, fuels, to provide the rest of the needs such as food. The government, in any other way, was throwing billions of dollars out the cabin door, but still wanted to ping Canadians with the global warming tax.

More fog than daylight

The announcement itself is believed to have contributed more fog than daylight to the Prime Minister’s decision to go ahead. Likewise, it is understood that in Trudeau, talking about prices means “to put a tax on, to make more expensive, to enlarge the cost of any and all industrial activity that uses oil or gas as its necessary energy.”

And now “contamination” we all know what pollution is. Its sewage dumped into the lake and into the port, poisonous chemicals dumped into pristine streams, piles of rotting garbage on the outskirts of the city. We are, unfortunately, familiar with pollution. This being the case, it must be emphasized that it has already been said that CO2 is the Santa Claus of gases, it makes our planet green.

Therefore, when Trudeau talks about “taxing pollution” in his peculiar vocabulary, which means carbon dioxide, he is not only destroying language, but he is smearing one of nature’s most beneficial miracles. If carbon dioxide were a person, I would sue him for misrepresentation.

The only answer has to be, even during this exceptional crisis, the government will not give up, for a second, its obsession with the cause of global warming.

It is that same obsession that makes it a condition for large industrial companies requesting emergency aid “to demonstrate some degree of environmental commitment and vote to report annually on their climate and sustainability initiatives.”

Source: Rex Murphy | National Post

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