Russia brandishes new superweapons as U.S. threatens to scrap nuclear treaty

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Russia New Weapon | James Alexander Michie

This image from video footage made available by the Russian Defense Ministry shows an Avangard strategic missile system equipped with a gliding hypersonic maneuvering warhead being prepared for launch. (EPA-EFE)

Likewise, during the past week, it was reported through Russian media that the Kremlin is ready to deploy a new superweapon, the torpedo-drone Poseidon. Being that the system of supply of warheads with nuclear propulsion is located as the largest torpedo ever designed, with 2 meters in diameter and almost 20 meters in length.

During 2015 this was considered only a “rumor”. Then the same was confirmed by Vladimir Putin himself in a striking presentation last winter, the Poseidon has been tirelessly promoted by the Russian media, with an exit that reported last week that his detonation can create a “400-A” tsunami “500 meters high, capable of destroying all living beings” up to 1,500 kilometers inland.

However, it has been said that there are those who believe that it does not seem to be as powerful or as fast as it claims. However, its two-megaton nuclear warhead would be more than enough to destroy an aircraft carrier or destroy most of a coastal city.

Similarly, the Russians have already built a specially modified nuclear submarine to transport and launch the giant. In addition to two others under construction. As they move towards a short-term goal of having 32 super-torpedoes deployed across the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Putin has overseen a test of another superweapon system. Which is a hypersonic missile that supposedly can travel at 20 times the speed of sound, avoiding all countermeasures. This has been dubbed as the Avangard and it has been said that it has successfully achieved an objective some 6,000 km from its launch site in the Far East. Putin says it will be deployed early next year.

Opposition by the United States

As expected, the United States has demanded that Russia destroy its new “illegal” cruise missile system. Similarly, it has argued that next-generation weapons represent a “direct and powerful threat” to Europe and Asia.

In fact, according to the disarmament ambassador of the United States, Robert Wood, “Unfortunately, the United States increasingly discovers that Russia cannot be trusted to comply with its arms control obligations, and that its coercive and malign actions in everyone has increased tensions”, he said. “ Russia must verifiably destroy all SSC-8 missiles, launchers and associated equipment to re-comply with the INF Treaty. “

It should not be forgotten that the United States continually threatens to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF). Which is a historic 1987 agreement reached by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev that eliminated thousands of warheads from European soil. According to a directive issued by Donald Trump, the United States will formally notify its intention to break the agreement on February 2.

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Source: Jonathon Gatehouse — CBC News

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