Spencer Abraham’s Sentimental Journey

Spencer Abrahams James Alexander Michie

Abraham has recently wrapped up his fifth and final season as a member of the Queen’s Gaels men’s hockey team – Photo by – Robin Kasem

Spencer Abraham is a retired hockey player from Campbellville.

This year, Abraham consolidated his legacy as a men’s hockey player for Queen’s Gaels. He then captained his team in a Queen’s Cup championship for the first time since 1981.

There is no doubt that there is a big difference between winning a championship while you are a child to win it as an adult. In fact, Abraham has expressed “It’s one thing to win a championship as a child and play minor hockey, but to win it as an adult man, you appreciate how hard it is”. In this way, he recognizes and appreciates the great effort required to win a championship. It is not easy and should be valued.

Years of experience and effort

It should be noted that Abraham grew up in Burlington, Ontario and from doing so he made hockey aspirations at an early age while falling in the sport for which all Canadian children have aspirations of the NHL.

Abraham talked about winning the Queen’s Cup at the ice house in his last season and in this way he expressed, “It’s hard to understand that it would be reduced to that”. “I’ve played a lot of games at the Memorial Center, where there are 15, 25, 50 people and it’s pretty dead, and we always joke about how loud the old track would be if it were full”.

In the same way, he indicated, “In order to reach my last year, to my last game, to have that thought that I have had for five years, to come true, when the final whistle sounded, realizing that I am going to be the one that will come out. to accept the Queen’s Cup in front of the city that welcomed me and embraced me as one of their own, in this school that has given me the opportunity to obtain a law degree, where I have met some of my best friends, friends for life, there really is nothing better than that, so it’s hard to put it into words”.

Abraham has said, “There are not many things in life that give you those butterflies or the unknown”. With these words, there is no doubt that what you most missed playing the sport in which you have spent most of your youth playing, is the feeling it causes in your stomach before a game.

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