Sports Parents Should Only Have 5 Expectations

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There is no doubt that sometimes sports parents expect a lot from their kids. In fact, many of these sports parents put their expectations too high, too unrealistic and too unfair. Which is really ridiculous.

Expectations are a really difficult issue. Especially when they come to humans. More times than not, expectations only lead to disappointment. For some reason, more and more sports parents are placing ridiculous expectations about their kids. This is something that must undoubtedly be corrected immediately since it could leave a completely ruined relationship between parents and kids.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not expect your child to be successful all the time. In the same way, do not expect your son to be the best player on the team. Since, if you put that expectation, he will start to get ahead of the team. The games will not try to make your team succeed, but how well you played. Do not expect your son to get a sports scholarship. In fact, it is worrisome how often you can hear some parents talk about which sports offer the most scholarships, looking for the solution that would cover the cost of the university.

Expectations that sports parents should have

Failure: Your son is going to fail. Much. The sooner you not only accept that but accept it, the better. If you have ever played sports, you know that success is never achieved if you play with fear.

Sportsmanship: There is no excuse to throw equipment or hit a stick or a bat around because something in the game did not go well. And when the game is over, the kids should congratulate the other team for a good game. No matter how hot a game is, when it’s over, it’s over. Shake hands and go home.

Respect: This is closely related to sportsmanship. When kids play sports, there are many different elements that must be respected. As well as, coaches, officials, teammates and likewise, opponents.

Hustle/Effort: There is never an acceptable reason for a child not to hurry. When a child develops the habit of playing sports, that is transferred to other areas of life. Always wait for your son to hurry.

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Source: Kevin Duy | Sports Dad Hub

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