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The man is defined as a human being, an animal that belongs to the family of homo sapiens. This denomination refers to the main characteristic that the human being has and that the rest of the human beings do not have, and that is the ability to reason, since “sapiens” means “wise”.

Now, in a recent article, Colin Powell, talks about how human beings can be tribal and how they can achieve their genius.

In this way, he explains how we organize into groups of which groups include families, businesses, sports teams and many other groups. Thus, it is affirmed that from an early age, human beings tend to assume roles within these groups, wherein them some people are leaders, others are followers, some are rebellious, some are silent and others spend the day celebrating the success of other people out loud.

Similarly, it is stated that we assume these roles and use them to define ourselves. This is established as a phenomenon that engenders obedience to the hierarchy since many of us develop the habit of respecting others based on their title, wealth, beauty or reputation.

A genius that everyone should achieve

There is no doubt that eventually, we judge ourselves the same way we judge the outside world. An internal monologue, generated by our ego, is developed that tells us repeatedly that what we are is based on our position, what we possess in terms of money and property, and what others say about us. Certainly one could ensure that it is the same ego that is responsible for feeding those thoughts.

“When external ego-boosters fall away, as they all inevitably do, you are left with just you, the person. At this critical point an opportunity presents itself: you can either dwindle and withdraw, or you can rise up. I call rising up stepping into your awesomeness”, reads the article.

Now, you have to make something clear and that is the moment you go into your genius, you can do your best work, have your best relationships and experience who you really are.

And it is that clearly, your astonishment becomes when you unite your internal and external being in one, crushing the ego and leaving in its place a safe, authentic and complete person.

There is no doubt that this is a transformation that does not happen overnight and in fact, it has been said that it is a painful and profound transformation. However, there is no direct path, but you need to discover how to get there since it is essential to know yourself and then share with others.

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