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Under the proposals, government is involved in deciding which journalists or news organizations will receive special treatment, tax breaks, charitable status.Getty Images

If we look at history, a free press has meant the freedom of government intervention. In addition to anyone who can be similar. On Wednesday, Finance Minister Bill Morneau presented a series of proposals. They are intended to rescue journalists, in fact, claim to be consistent with this fundamental principle. However, he said with regard to measures “arm’s-length and independent of the government.” despite this, they are not.

Some people think that this represents a step backward for Canadian journalism. And because of such a proposal, the government would really be an influence and be directly involved. In deciding which journalists or news organizations will receive special treatment, tax exemptions, charitable status. In fact, it will generate more dependence on the government and not independence. That is partly due to the amount of federal money that is transferred directly to the news and to journalism. Being that it could exceed $ 600 million.

Falseness in his speech

For some, the words given by Mornueau of his defense of the media rescue plan, denote only something. And is that by themselves denote a falsehood in great magnitude.

It should be noted that the decisions will be in the hands of an “independent panel of journalists (that) will be established to define and promote core journalism standards, define professional journalism, and determine eligibility”.

This has generated, a great annoyance in many journalists and consequently have generated several questions. What exactly do you mean?

Definitely, independence and freedom of the press are not guaranteed. Newspaper executive directors and Unifor union head Jerry Dias may be satisfied with federal bailouts, but taxpayers and everyone who believes that the press should be free of government control, manipulation and interference you should not.

In fact, the Ottawa journalism rescue plan cannot pass a press freedom test. Simply, because there is no such freedom under it.

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