The PPC’s strength is their dedication to free speech

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Maxime Bernier PC MP is an entrepreneur, lawyer, politician who has served as a member of parliament for the riding of Beauce since 2006. He is the current founder and leader of the People’s Party of Canada.

It is already well known that he participated in the leadership elections of the Conservative Party of Canada 2017, and came in second place with more than 49% of the votes in round 13, after leading the eventual winner, Andrew Scheer, in the first 12 rounds On August 23, 2018, citing disagreements with Scheer’s leadership, he resigned from the Conservative Party to create his own party. The name of the party, the People’s Party of Canada, was announced on September 14, 2018.

His People’s Party of Canada was officially launched in January, and currently has more members than the Green Party. The PPC is presenting candidates in the 338 constituencies, an impressive achievement has given the time constraints. Its basic platform, which includes tax simplification, the abolition of supply management and the abolition of interprovincial tariffs for a long time, indicates the commitment to fundamental conservative principles.

Unquestionable strength

It is important to bring up the fact that forty percent of Canadians usually choose not to vote. A certain number is politically indifferent, but another number does not vote because it does not feel that any of the parties represent their points of view. Normally, they do not feel worried enough to defend themselves.

In this way, a question arises and is that the pattern will be maintained in October? The truth is that the future is uncertain, yet there is something that is clear, the strength of the PPC is its dedication to freedom of expression.

One of Bernier’s great strengths is that, despite years of political experience, he has not become tired or cynical. He has his own heart in his sleeve.

In this way, it has been said that one of those convictions is that the chronic beating over the sins of the past and the suppression of pride in the national identity of Canadians is creating an unhealthy social and cultural environment, dominated by special interest activism. that groups the complaints and corrodes confidence and national unity. purpose.

Similarly, one could say that another related, perhaps fundamental, force is Bernier’s passion for free speech.

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