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The rise of Socialism: Standing on the shoulders of morons

Colombia is a really great country. In fact, it is naturally beautiful, incredibly cheap and full of interesting opportunities. It should be noted that it has recently emerged from decades of civil war. And reconstruction efforts will have a profound impact on the economy, especially with the national infrastructure.

Despite his efforts, it is notorious that Colombia’s roads are terrible. Because of this, travel to move from one city to another becomes longer than it should be. There is no doubt that you need railroads, ports and even digital infrastructure. What is not needed in Colombia, are Venezuelan refugees.

Remarkable presence of Venezuelan refugees

It could be said that almost anywhere in Colombia the presence of Venezuelan refugees is noticeable, in fact, they are everywhere. For obvious reasons, Venezuelans try to escape from the terrible situation in which they live in their country. One of the most practical destinations due to the proximity of the border in Colombia.

Although the world is informed of the situation in Venezuela, it is much worse than shown in the media. And it is that they do not show completely the terrible crisis that only Venezuelans have left everywhere in the world, separated families, extreme poverty, lack of medicines and something as basic as food.

A country that could be an economic power, very badly managed

Venezuela is a country rich in resources and it is really absurd that it is in such bad conditions. In fact, Venezuela is legendary for its world-class oil and mineral deposits. But more than that, Venezuela has incredibly talented entrepreneurs and skilled labor, in addition to a large number of port facilities, arable land, etc. However, for about 20 years it has had a terrible administration. Which has only been charged with stealing that nation and supporting corruption.

Without a doubt, Venezuela is in a desperate situation. Being that it is one of the most impoverished nations in the world.

For those who still do not know what happened here is a short summary, some 20 years ago, Hugo Chavez took control of Venezuela and committed himself to radical economic and political reforms that granted supreme power to the government. It presented oppressive socialist programs that the country could not pay. Previously the price of oil was at its highest point, so the alleged “socialism” in Venezuela could keep everything under control. However, when oil prices fell, the Venezuelan government broke down. And since then, the situation has worsened more and more, as have poverty, scarcity, the debt of the nation and the number of Venezuelans who have fled their country.

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Source: Simon Black | Sovereign Man

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