Trump bets it all on friendship with Kim

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Apparently, the U.S. president Donald Trump, bet everything for friendship with Kim Jong, who is the supreme leader of North Korea. Likewise, Trump sought to flatter his new friend in Singapore when he received an unusual compliment.

It is already well known that Kim rules North Korea with an iron fist and a disregard for human rights. In fact, it is considered that what he has achieved is due to his birth, being that hard work is not involved. Even so, Trump’s choice of praise for his new negotiating partner, conveyed by a person familiar with the conversation, reflects the determination of the president of the United States to flatter his path towards nuclear peace in Asia.

So, while embarking on a second summit meeting with Kim in Hanoi, it seems that Trump is really prepared to employ the same tactics while looking for a concrete roadmap for the denuclearization of North Korea. Likewise, it should be noted that before the formal talks begin on Thursday, the two men will have a small dinner with only a select number of helpers. This would be an intimate beginning to a balanced summit in the most improbable diplomatic friendship, perhaps, of the world.

A link that really surprises

There is no doubt that this friendship that is being forged between leaders surprises more than one person. And we must not forget the thirty years of age and separated by decades of enmity between the United States and North Korea. Despite this, it seems that the weight of history does not fall on this link between leaders. Being that Trump and Kim have forged a link based on mutual samples of effusive praise. In the round-trip letters in the last seven months, each has used a flowery language to describe the other and appeal to their sense of the ego, a trait that both men carry in pikes.

In fact, Trump expressed to the governors of the nation on Sunday night before leaving for Hanoi, “It’s something very interesting to say, but I have developed a very, very good relationship”, and he added, “We’ll see what It means that, but he never had a relationship with anyone from this country, and he has not had many relationships anywhere”.

Even so, this causes certain concerns. In such a way that some of Trump’s aides have expressed concern about what he might be willing to give Kim in his search for progress in a nuclear deal. In fact, North Korean experts worry that, behind closed doors, Trump has promised even more, as if to eventually take US troops out of South Korea altogether.

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Source: Kylie Atwood and Kevin Liptak | CNN

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