Vampire States, the killers of prosperity and freedom


It has been said that socialists of all parties, whether out of ignorance or sectarianism, believe that money grows on trees and in this way, they are not aware of the process of wealth creation. And is that wealth is created both by the ingenuity and sacrifice of entrepreneurs, large, medium and small, who risk their net worth to offer goods and services to their fellow citizens in better conditions than the competition, creating jobs and wealth for all.

There is no doubt that for many it is extremely simple to talk about spending the money that others have earned through their sweat. But the reality is that everyone’s money (public money) becomes nobody’s money managed by politicians, and it is a scarce resource that is scandalously wasted in the purchase of shameless votes with subsidies, in the ruinous public feeling of Great pyramid or public investments, in creating and maintaining a giant bureaucracy with which to extend the tentacles of power.

It is clear that public expenditures can only increase, never decrease, since the budget of each department of the Administration is the measure of its power, so no one plans to reduce it.

What nobody takes responsibility

It has been indicated that with the “public” money there is no need to worry about a profit and loss account or a balance sheet, nor is there an investor that requires explanations and audits to verify the veracity of the accounts, nor is anyone held responsible for the mistakes made in managing such money. In this way, the socialists of all parties do not respond to anyone for their actions. In addition, no one is responsible for the mistakes made in the management of such money.

Now, referring to sectarianism, the defense of “public money” and the voracity of tax collectors underlie the pathological aversion of the cultural left (which extends far beyond the political left) towards freedom and property. private

Likewise, it is established that the power addicts who aspire to dominate us are the greatest defenders of the vampire state, skillfully called the welfare state. Always ignoring the enormous waste of resources in feeding the huge machinery of bureaucrats, they justify the looting of taxpayers with the argument of social spending. And it is said that in reality, social spending is only an alibi that allows them to continue expropriating the taxpayer from a position of supposed moral authority.

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Source: Fernando del Pino Calvo-Sotelo

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