What’s the Matter With Europe?

American Greatness James Alexander Michie

Today there is a question that everyone asks themselves and is that what happens with Europe? In this way, it is worth noting that despite all of President Trump’s distaste for insufficient deference to the US allies, Americans should be aware of the regrettable condition of Europe.

It is necessary to mention that for a long time it was considered as half of the western alliance with the United States and Canada. In addition, we must remember the days when it was usual to hear someone announce the next supremacy of a united Europe. This was a fantasy embedded between the imminent economic overcoming of the United States by Japan and then by China. The United States has potential rivals, some less cordial than others, and complacency is always reckless. But the decline of Europe, not its rise, is now the threat that should worry foreign policy specialists.

Disappointment and failures

In this way, we can bring up examples that Europe is no longer what it once was, in fact, it does not come close to what it used to be. The United Kingdom, recognized throughout the world and for more than 300 years by a good government with continuous institutions, although gradually reformed since the Magna Carta in 1215, is suffering its worst failure of government since the American Revolution. Great Britain, in addition to having voted to leave the European Union, and now has not been able to negotiate a smooth exit and Parliament has declared that it does not want what the people voted for, it stretches between a narrowly pro-exit population and a fight against the exit leave parliament.

While Germany is currently disappointing since the entire Western world has been waiting decades for Germany, the most powerful country in Europe since it first joined Bismarck in 1871, to behave responsibly in that role. He did it until 1890 when the tempestuous teenage-minded emperor Wilhelm II dismissed Bismarck and finally led the world to the hell of the First World War.

Added to this, in 2017, in total exasperation, France embraced a former banker of 39 years of age and a public finance official who was not seeking more elective positions than Donald Trump before running for president, Emmanuel Macron. The predictable happened and Macron is now diminished by the incoherent disturbances that occur every weekend of crowds of furious bourgeois crabs on taxes, reinforced by shameless hooligans, all dressed in the silly yellow vests that all French drivers must have in their cars to put them to mean an emergency. It is that splendid French combination of the perfect goal and the absurd result.

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Source: Conrad Black | American Greatness

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