Montreal public places Financial Post | James Alexander Michie

When do the costs exceed the benefits? The risks of death may in fact be nowhere near as great as once estimated by scientists When the history of the COVID-19 pandemic is written, what will it say about the vast army of professional economists — in banks, academia, consultancies, think-tanks — along with science […]

Gerald Butts Financial Post | James Alexander Michie

Opinion: Butts was once keen to take credit for ‘all of the province’s significant environmental initiatives’ — back before those initiatives became politically toxic In Gerald Butts’ much-discussed resignation letter last week, the former principal secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took responsibility — sort of — for the ever-growing crisis enveloping the federal Liberal government. […]

Closed image Financial Post | James Alexander Michie

The recession, the economic equivalent of a thermonuclear device, affected men and women almost equally Armine Yalnizyan of the Atkinson Foundation has been superspreading the idea that the distinctive feature of the 2020 recession is its disproportionate impact on women. She maintains that, with its devastating hit on service industries, the […]