Mouse Bomb SchiffGold | James Alexander Michie

When governments started locking down economies in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Reserve sprung into action. The central bank immediately cut interest rates to zero and launched what we’ve called “QE infinity.” Since then, the Fed has ballooned its balance sheet by nearly $3 trillion and increased the […]

Silver Bar SchiffGold | James Alexander Michie

Gold’s recent correction has taken silver down with it. The white metal dipped below $21 an ounce at its lowest, about $8 off its August highs. That has led some to speculate that we’ve seen a knockout blow for silver. These are generally the same people who have declared the […]

Foreclosure SchiffGold | James Alexander Michie

Last month, we reported that mortgage delinquencies charted their biggest quarterly rise ever. Digging more deeply into the numbers, we find even more trouble brewing in the subprime mortgage market. Of the 8 million active mortgages the FHA insures, 17% were delinquent in July. That ranks as the highest level […]

Bank of England Vault SchiffGold | James Alexander Michie

Read the original article on SchiffGold. Which countries have the biggest gold reserves? Central banks globally have been increasing gold holdings over the last few years. Central bank demand came in at 650.3 tons last year. That was the second-highest level of annual purchases for 50 years, just slightly below […]

400 oz Gold Bars SchiffGold | James Alexander Michie

Read the original article on SchiffGold From time to time, you will hear people inexplicably say, “Gold is just a useless metal.” They claim that gold’s value is simply “a matter of faith.” This is sheer nonsense. In fact, gold is one of the most useful metals on the planet […]