In 2021, Canada really is sterilizing lesbian, gay, autistic and depressed children, and calling that «human rights.» The false consensus enforced by the courts cannot hold. Canada’s prisoner of conscience, the British Columbia father who tried to prevent his child from undergoing pediatric transitioning, has been sentenced for criminal contempt […]

Trudeau Government The Post Millennial | James Alexander Michie

The Trudeau government spent as much as $100,000,000 more than needed, as prices for Baylis’ unapproved ventilators tower those of approved competitor Medtronic The Trudeau Liberals awarded Former Liberal MP Frank Baylis’ medical firm a contract for $237 million without calls for bids, and overpaid $10,000 per ventilator. The Montreal-based […]

Parliamentaru Budget Officer Yves Giroux The Post Millennial | James Alexander Michie

Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux had said that he had faith the projects existed, but that there needed to be more transparency around their existence. Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna was cited by the Parliamentary Budget Office yesterday for “missing details” on thousands of public work projects, which have likely caused […]