Austrians and Libertarians are well-established critics of central banking in general, and emergency monetary stimulus in particular. There is near universal agreement that Alan Greenspan should not have cut rates following the Dot-Com Bubble, and that Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen should not have quadrupled the monetary base following the […]

Update (3/22/2020): After falling under much scrutiny, Medium has deleted Ginn’s post. Of note, Ginn is a former 2012 Romney digital campaign staffer with no background in medicine or infectious disease. We are leaving it up for anyone who wants to read, while also including a thread from a biologist […]

Chart of the day, World Population Grow over the century ZeroHedge | James Alexander Michie

The global human population is the total number of people living around the world at a specific time. It is determined by the births and deaths of individuals, as well as by their life expectancy. The world population has gone from almost 1,000 million inhabitants in 1800 to more than […]