Conrad Black: Liberals pledge to further oppress the country

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Canada's Governor General Julie Payette National Post | James Alexander Michie

Canada's Governor General Julie Payette delivers the Throne Speech in the Senate on Sept. 23. PHOTO BY ADRIAN WYLD/POOL/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

If the government wanted to say what it said in the throne speech, it has lost its collective mind.

Indeed, the speech explicitly stated that today’s laboriously low-interest rates create an opportunity for massive deficit spending because “there is a global consensus that governments must do more … while blocking the low cost of borrowing. in the coming decades”. There is no such consensus and the financial markets will not be scammed like this indefinitely into allowing the federal government to finance the cumbersome socialist ambition that it described in the speech. If this were indeed the case, it would be better for the government to increase spending only moderately and abolish all forms of taxation that inconvenience the lower half of income earners.

Likewise, the fundamental problem with the official response to the coronavirus in North America is that the Democratic Party in the United States and its media allies, who are in effect running the Democratic campaign in the absence of a feasible presidential candidate from that party, They have focused since March on generating panic and public hysteria over the virus to further the economic recession and embarrass the incumbent president.

Collateral damage

Undoubtedly, in other issues touted in the United States, Canada has suffered great collateral damage from this disinformation campaign, and Canadians have been transformed into a fearful nation hiding from a disease that is life-threatening only to a small subset of the population. And it is that approximately 80 percent of those who are considered to die from the coronavirus had other substantial medical problems and a short life expectancy. The vast majority of those who contract the coronavirus have minimal or no symptoms; 94.6 percent of Americans over the age of 60 survive the coronavirus, 99.997 percent of Americans under the age of 60 survive it, and there is no reason to think that Canada is materially different.

It is clear that only a vaccine will eliminate the coronavirus and our best course from the beginning has been to disturb the 80 percent who were practically immune to dying from it as little as possible and protect the comparatively vulnerable as completely as possible. The level of disruption to the normal life of the vast majority of people that have been inflicted on our societies in North America has never been justified, although for a long time it was excusable, as everyone had a right to fear that it could be a problem. The throne speech declared that youth, women, and “racialized Canadians” have been the main victims of job losses generated by the response to the coronavirus.

Source: Conrad Black | National Post

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