Conrad Black: What did Canadians do to deserve this government?

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Parliament Hill in Ottawa National Post | James Alexander Michie

Parliament Hill in Ottawa is viewed from the shores of Gatineau, Que., in a file photo from Oct. 22, 2013. Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press

Faced with the situation in Canada, questions arise that disturb a nation, as well as, What did the Canadians do to deserve this government? In this regard, it has been said that Canada is a great country that crosses the desert of self-chosen and wrong leadership. Likewise, it has been indicated that there is no vision except topics and quixotry.

Thus, it is appropriate to mention some main points in the resource policy, as well as, like China and India, which represent almost 40 percent of the world’s population, settled in the search for economic growth 30 to 40 years ago years, increasing the demand for basic and precious metals, energy and forest products so that they were much closer to being seller markets than consumer markets, a confluence of unforeseen circumstances assaulted the oil and gas industry. After the decisive defeat of the international left in the Cold War, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the collapse of international communism and the defection of China to the virtues of a market economy, the international left, evicted from power and even from the Intellectual respectability, collected in the field of conservationists, those who cared more for the environment.

What Canada should do

Certainly, Canada must engage in neutral and demanding research to urgently seek to determine what is happening.

Countries that are not defined by an exclusive culture, such as Poland, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Japan, and many others, are and cannot claim a unique evangelical mission and secular myth, as the United States asserts as redeemer, exemplary, champion and The guardian of democratic government and the free market must define a community of interest, amplify and distribute prosperity equitably, treat its different component regions and cultural groups fairly, and endow it with a different purpose. No doubt what is needed is a vision, without which, as recorded in Proverbs and recorded in the entrance of the House of Commons of Canada, “people perish”.

And it could be said that the current federal government defines its first priority to fight against climate change, which is nonsense, make a confusion of gender issues and incite atrocious myths and practices in native affairs. Since we are adopting a false national goal of oppressing Alberta and Saskatchewan while encouraging charlatans and maladjusted to affirm that there are more than two sexes and that everyone’s right to develop their own sexuality in perfect freedom is a matter of state coercion. There is no vision, except topics and quixotry. We are leading Alberta to consider extreme remedies and we are stuck with the authors of this visionless miasma for four more years.

Source: Conrad Black | National Post

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