Father sentenced to 6 months for violating gag order about child’s medical gender transition

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In 2021, Canada really is sterilizing lesbian, gay, autistic and depressed children, and calling that «human rights.» The false consensus enforced by the courts cannot hold. Canada’s prisoner of conscience, the British Columbia father who tried to prevent his child from undergoing pediatric transitioning, has been sentenced for criminal contempt of court. Legal commentators and child protection lawyers around the world expressed alarm at this result. Once this kind of precedent is set, there is a real danger that this punitive approach will spread to any challenge to a child’s ‘gender identity’.

On April 16, the father, whose name has been suppressed in Canadian press due to a gag order, was sentenced to six months in prison for criminal contempt of court by violating publication and identification bans. Justice Tammen in imposing the sentence should shortly become available to the public. The father was jailed for breaching a publication ban preventing him from speaking publicly about the transitioning of this child. He admitted wilfully breaching the ban, and entered a guilty plea to charges of criminal contempt.

Thus did he become a Canadian prisoner of conscience. The court seems to invite the public to scapegoat the father and run him out of town, so to speak, so that the community as a whole does not have to wrestle with this particularly invidious hydra. If the father can carry the sins of the polis on his own shoulders, the medics and judges might be able to sleep better at night.

Some argue that the father was not convicted for calling his daughter his son, but for violating the court’s ban on him speaking to the public about what was happening. The father would not have needed to speak out had the court not moved to transition his child. It is to such questions that human rights advocacy has traditionally provided guidance, until even those principles were corrupted by sex denialism. In 2021, Canada really is sterilizing lesbian, gay, autistic and depressed children, and calling that «human rights.» We are in the upside-down.

Every parent would have to face that crossroads alone, as a moral being who loves their child, and sees an undeniable social evil being inflicted on them. They might, like this father, accept that it is too late to save their own child, but work to help save others by raising awareness. The court is, of course, right that children’s anonymity is of paramount importance in family proceedings. In cases such as this, where a parent challenges the state’s decision to «transition» a child, the parent would have to engage in public protest anonymously.

While the clock ticked for his child, the father remained publicly silent until a hearing in early 2020. All of this said, his array of supporters seem to have in common a genuine motivation to protest the medical malpractice scandal which is being inflicted, in real time, on a generation of children. 85 percent of such children detransition post-puberty. It is a hard thing for the public to judge the father’s actions harshly, as it is more accurately the actions of the court and the medical system which are harsh and extreme.

What we are seeing is a Canadian court system captured by gender identity laws which have corrupted both language and law.

Their chosen path is civil disobedience. A women’s group called for parents to withdraw their children from public schooling, referring to the Canadian government’s tolerance of other forms of criminal abuse of children. Parents’ outright rejection of the harmful cultural practice of pediatric transitioning is already, de facto, criminalized by way of contempt of court procedures. Soon, the Canadian courts may not need family law and criminal contempt laws to suppress speech which counters the new gender orthodoxy.

They will have bespoke hate speech laws to swiftly bring the hammer down on dissident individuals. Perhaps Canadians should have paid more attention to Meghan Murphy and Jordan Peterson when they began waving a red flag, when there was still time to halt gender identity laws. For that slowness to respond, Canadians can rightly lay the blame at the door of CBC and other liberal media organizations whose role used to be holding power to account. Now that liberalism is hegemonic, they showed an interest only in crushing dissent and smearing gender dissidents who tried to raise the alarm.

Now the nation faces a steep uphill battle to reverse these invidious laws and release its institutions from cognitive capture, so that no more children are harmed by the gender cult and its acolytes. Those watching from around the world should take note to resist gender identity legal capture before it beds in.

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Source: Erin Perse |The Post Millennial 

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