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The Wall Street Journal just published an article on Hydrogen where half the page was taken up with a propaganda-like illustration worthy of Pravda.

It begins with the statement:

“In a world shifting away from fossil fuels, major energy companies are making a grab for the rising hydrogen market.”

Is this true? Or is it an indication that the WSJ believes in catastrophic climate change?

Can it be true, when China, India and other countries are building numerous coal-fired power plants? For example, Dubai just began operating its new coal fired power plant. Japan is also building coal fired power plants.

Is there a rising hydrogen market, when virtually none exists, except in speculation?

It’s true that Europe is committed to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and is trying to eliminate fossil fuels, but the United States is divided on the issue.

The WSJ article is based on quotations from European based companies. The actions cited by Royal Dutch Shell PLC, BP PLC and Repsol SA, are actions by companies that are all based in Europe and must adhere to the policies established by European governments.

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Source: Donn Dears

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