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The future of health care is well care

Author: James Alexander Michie

Many people consider or think that good health is basically due to medical care, which is not true in its entirety and is that approximately 60% of health and general welfare has nothing to do with medical care that can receive a person in your life. In fact, it directly concerns the various components of behavior, environmental and social, so much so that they could influence in such a way from access to public transport to the availability of healthy foods in the neighborhoods.

It is necessary to mention that the reality is that only about 20% of a person’s health status is due to health access to medical care, while another 20% is linked to genetics. This suggests that lifestyle factors and so-called social determinants of health have a truly significant effect on a healthy lifestyle for any individual.

Likewise, it is important to mention that there are initiatives with respect to this issue and that Catholic Health Initiatives gave rise to an initiative in which some extremely positive results are already being observed with respect to the renewed focus on the health of the population and the social determinants. It is called the “Total Health Roadmap” and represents the most recent tangible expression of its mission, which has been maintained since the day it was founded 22 years ago, which has been to create healthier communities.

For its part, Catholic Health Initiatives received last summer received a grant of $ 2.5 million from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to support this innovative program which has already been announced previously, which identifies the social determinants of health as a requirement prior to the construction and maintenance of healthy communities. In addition, this grant was combined with $ 2.5 million from its Mission and Ministry Fund to launch the program in three of our largest markets: Centura Health, based in Denver, which operates in Colorado and Kansas; KentuckyOne Health, based in Louisville; and Mercy Health Network, based in Des Moines

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