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Author: James Alexander Michie

Something that was not expected was the fact that the costs of the Metro transit plans skyrocketed without explanation, since the price of Surrey’s light rail transit and the Vancouver Broadway subway extension is instructive, even when it is done Consideration regarding inflation and the increase in labor and materials costs.

Now depending on the route chosen, it would mean another eight kilometers or so of construction, mostly tunnels. Without considering the inflation, the work would cost approximately $ 4 billion to extend the line from the Arbutus terminal to the Point Gray campus. Which has been called almost as shocking as the SkyTrain extension costs of half a billion dollars per kilometer which was the last price tag to build a surface light rail.

It has been explained the reasons why Surrey exercised its political influence with the superior governments to make the light rail a priority over the proposals to extend SkyTrain to Langley. Since the two main governments have closed their commitments, the light rail has been transformed as the transit priority for the second most populated city of B.C. during the next years.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Prime Minister John Horgan showed great enthusiasm for financing transit but you cannot cover the sun with a finger and of course, a fact that is impossible to ignore is the high cost that construction would entail of SkyTrain and light rail in Metro Vancouver. Likewise, both political leaders reaffirmed that they will continue to support the SkyTrain extension under Broadway in Vancouver and for an independent light rail project in Surrey.

Despite the plans for this project, what is certain is that in the race for civic elections in Surrey, a debate has arisen about whether the light rail is the best or, on the other hand, along Promoted extension of SkyTrain to Langley would be the best to make use of federal and provincial funds, in fact to this day is still debated the same.

In the same way, no explanation was given as to why there was such a high increase in the cost.

Source: Vaughn Palmer | Vancouver Sun

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