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Jared Boll

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Jared Boll ends his career as one of the most active in the NHL, in the course of his career I was part of the Blue Jackets for nine years and likewise with Anaheim but for two years. Likewise, the player never reaching the star status of NHL. From the beginning of his career he generated a lot of interest that went beyond the ice surface of the Nationwide Arena, since he earned the respect of his own team in addition to the attention of the opposing team.

According to Ken Hitchcock, who was his coach at the Blue Jackets, Boll caught the attention of the entire league, which he considers radiant.

Similarly, the 32-year-old is the one who has the most battles (171) in the NHL since his career began in the 2007-08 season.

However, for Boll he must close this cycle and decides to retire, confirming to Athletic his decision, ensuring that I enjoy every minute and that if he had been told as a youngster that he would be part of the NHL he would not believe it, in any way and much less during eleven years.

The decision to retire has been taking for months, for him it is time to retire, which will be difficult. He will really miss being part of every ice encounter, but he is still proud of how he played and of his career for which he gave everything he could.

On the other hand, Boll is a player who will always be remembered, always made his presence felt, who thanks to his long steps became a deceptive player on the ice rink, as well as being reckless making the opposition feel uncomfortable with him in the game. When he arrived at the NHL he was of a medium weight, but as the years went by he got bigger and stronger, his style of play from the beginning was considered somewhat “reckless”, despite which he was suspended only twice of his career.

Take a read: https://theathletic.com/414843/2018/07/04/one-of-the-nhls-toughest-busiest-fighters-jared-boll-is-retiring-after-11-seasons/

This is a valuable read, even if you’re not a hockey fan.

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