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Author: James Alexander Michie

Maxime Bernier considers himself the leader of a new political movement, but those who must decide whether to support him or not must be very cautious when it comes to doing so since there is a possibility that he will become a new Justin Trudeau and lead to those who support them 4 more years of a similar trend. It seems that Bernier is disillusioned about the traditional federal parties which have led him to create his own movement.

It is possible that Bernier will benefit and be victorious again as he did with his position on diversity, which is why many conservatives have been encouraged with the same, in the same way in one of his speeches he declared that it is not against diversity and in fact it undoubtedly supports unity as well as shared Canadian values, which caught the attention of many Canadians who are fed up with the politics of identity and procuring. Meanwhile, they admire to stay true to their criteria and to themselves adhering to what he calls basic conservative principles, on the other hand, it is necessary to mention that there are those who are not happy even because Scheer was chosen as the leader of the party a year ago.

Emphasizing the possible leader of a new party, Bernier talks about his new party and makes reference that it is in a beginning stage and therefore it does not have a defined organizational structure or members, despite this, it is possible that it fulfills its promise to make a different policy and the same leads to get the support of enough people and likewise forge a new political landscape.
Another point to which reference must be made is the fact that Bernier, according to some, has taken a really dramatic distance with the Conservatives, saying that the party is “too intellectual and morally corrupt to be reformed” but we must not forget that it is the same which attempt to lead a year ago and in which on its platform has been presented in four successive elections.

Added to this, it is said that it was not to his liking to be under the leadership of Harper, probably because he was demoted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to occupy a place in the cabinet as a consequence of an act in which he violated security where he left secret documents in home of who at that time was his girlfriend.

Take a read: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/john-ivison-bernier-sees-himself-as-leader-of-a-new-movement-but-hell-most-likely-find-obscurity

Source: John Ivison | National Post


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