Jamil Jivani: Wokeness — the new religion of the left

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Jamil Jivani National Post | James Alexander Michie

The religion of wokeness is being pushed on us by elitist politicians, like Canada's Liberals, and tech executives, like those at Yelp, writes Jamil Jivani. PHOTO BY CARLO ALLEGRI/REUTERS; JIN LEE/BLOOMBERG

A relevant fact that needs to be mentioned is that various elitist political activists as well as Big Tech executives have been given the task of endlessly promoting conspiracy theories which suggest that traditional religious believers will seize power and thus force their views. religious over others. It is clear that they regard the faithful masses with contempt while insisting that believers who dare to enter public life have a hidden theocratic agenda.

There is no doubt that there is and in fact, a great hypocritical tendency is denoted since while they point with their conspiratorial fingers at citizens of various religions, these elitists are frantically seizing the power to impose on the public a new religion and impious: the awakening.

Now, it is necessary to clarify “the awakening”, it is based on the belief that prejudice and discrimination are present at all times as an invisible spirit that influences all our thoughts or actions, it is mainly performative and ritualistic.

Alarming religion

Notably, awake adherents show how pious they are by reciting the correct political scriptures on alleged injustices. In fact, it is understood that to reach the state of being awake, it is not necessary to help anyone to overcome injustice since in reality, all that is required is to condemn others for not having awakened enough.

In reference to this, John McWhorter, who is a linguist at Columbia University, has been sounding the alarm about waking up as a new religion for years. As an atheist, McWhorter is sensitive to religious invasions in the lives of unbelievers. He has identified that awakening appropriates many concepts found in traditional religions, such as blasphemers and heretics.

Certainly, for traditional religious believers, the awakening is a hostile alternative worldview that seeks to supplant traditional notions of freedom, justice, and fairness with new political ideas such as privilege, victimization, and cancellation. In this way, it could be said that this explains why so few of today’s high-profile awakening preachers are traditional religious leaders. Similarly, for atheists, awakening is a new religion to reject and resist.

Source: Jamil Jivani | National Post

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