John Robson: Fiscal update shows a government totally divorced from reality


Notably, the update is no longer based on the treacherous terrain of ignoring or hiding this point. He is in the void of not understanding it. Now, it is clear that it is questioned and questions arise, as well as, what does this update have to do with everything?

That said, it is well known that it offers many things that are not to be liked, not because of the substance but because of the lack of it. Especially the outright and deliberate disregard for the fact that wealth cannot be redistributed, even among the worthiest, if it is not created first.

Certainly, public opinion has been noticed and in fact, it has been commented that all this clarifies that the Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland, was a fashionable intellectual because of fashion, not intellectuality and that in fact, she is so clueless like your boss, let alone your dazed colleagues for whom $ 400 billion could be untold trillion and would grin the same smirk.

Justifiable mistrust

Is there security? It is possible that not, in fact, there is an indisputable distrust which could be said to be justified, since it is assumed that we are sure that these deep thinkers who confuse paper money with real things and words with The facts are “developing details of a plan to help Canada rebuild better”. Now it is necessary to ask, is it possible to see those details? The answer for it is not a surprise, a resounding no, they are imaginary and clearly without details, a plan is only an intention.

Likewise, more than half of Canadians are women and a third are under 30 years of age. And half of the women plus a sixth of the young are two-thirds. Of the rest, more than a quarter are Aboriginal, black, or “racialized”. Without counting twice, three-quarters of us are “among the” most affected. This could be defined as an equal opportunity recession. And here it would be problematic to note that 55 percent of the largely recession-proof federal public service is female because this intersectional repetition is not meant to represent reality other than the “railings”.

Therefore, experts also lean dangerously into the void when they seriously weigh in on how the latest fiscal targets are more what you would call “barriers” than actual anchors. Anchors and railings are real things, but your tax doubles are not.

Source: John Robson | National Post

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