Kathryn Marshall: The cancel culture mob could come looking for you, too


Cancel culture is a toxic practice that we should cancel, writes Kathryn Marshall. PHOTO BY SEAN GALLUP/GETTY IMAGES

No one could have predicted how online public shaming would mutate into the ubiquitous and toxic cancel culture that has become so powerful today.

«A medieval mob, roaming the streets looking for someone to burn» 

Cancel culture doesn’t just come for celebrities and politicians. As an employment lawyer, I have seen my fair share of unjust terminations. One aspect of cancel culture I find particularly troubling is how the mob goes after people’s jobs. It doesn’t take much pressure from the cancel culture mob to cancel someone’s employment contract.

One of cancel culture’s greatest strengths is its speed. In any other scenario where a complaint is made against an employee, there would usually be a proper investigation process undertaken by the employer that could take weeks, maybe months. Due process goes out the window when it comes to cancel culture. The cancel culture mob usually loses interest after a few days, but the lawsuits from terminated employees linger.

Cancel culture is about power and control. Cancel culture is the antithesis of free speech and the enemy of due process and fairness.

Source: Kathryn Marshall | NP

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