Leslyn Lewis: There is a socialist coup unfolding in Canada, and we taxpayers are funding it

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets a Senator with an elbow-bump National Post | James Alexander Michie

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets a Senator with an elbow-bump prior to the delivery of the throne speech in the Senate on Sept. 23, 2020. PHOTO BY BLAIR GABLE/REUTERS

It is necessary to talk about an issue that could be said to cause a lot of commotion. That said, it has been said that a socialist coup is taking place in Canada, and in fact, it has been exclaimed and disseminated that the taxpayers are financing it. Likewise, it has been indicated that under this socialist revolution, there is no need to confiscate their property, they can simply redistribute their wealth.

Now the question is, is Canada really quietly going through a socialist coup?

Clearly, just a year ago it would have been considered a conspiracy to get used to the idea that this is really happening, however, it is necessary to contemplate the fact that it is a fact after hearing too many Canadians in the last months about what they have seen that it is. happening. Ever since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried to grant himself kingly powers at the beginning of the COVID crisis, it has been said that what has been witnessed in Canada is undoubtedly a socialist coup that the taxpayers themselves are funding.

Undoubted evidence

Anyone who hoped he was wrong had the evidence set out clearly in last week’s speech from the throne.

It should be noted that with a deficit of $ 343 billion, Canada has initiated a perpetual debt plan reminiscent of Argentina. Even more worrying is that COVID relief has spiked towards non-health issues, such as favoring “green energy initiatives” over natural resource development.

Undoubtedly, the lack of transparency in government has raised concerns about unexplained inconsistencies, including points like adding new rules that make it difficult for smaller grocery and retail stores to function but allow larger outlets to function; cracking down on places of worship, but not protesters; and limitations on family gatherings that politicians do not adhere to.

It is necessary to bring up the fact that Canada has committed hundreds of millions of dollars to help other countries fight COVID-19 without insufficient evidence for Canadians; adequate support for small businesses and farmers to overcome the pandemic is still lacking; Added to this, it is clear that there is an essential threat that if unjustified spending is not supported, all government support will disappear.

Many Canadians rightly fear the repercussions of Trudeau transforming Canada into a cashless society.

Source: Leslyn Lewis | National Post

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