Listen to Immigrants Who’ve Actually Lived Under Socialism

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Socialism is a social and economic system characterized by control by society, organized with all its members, both the means of production and the different forces of work applied in them. Modern socialism is, in the first place, because of its content, the result of reflection in intelligence, on the one hand, of the class antagonisms that prevail in the modern society between possessors and dispossessed, capitalists and salaried workers, and, on the other hand, of the anarchy that reigns in production. Socialism implies, therefore, planning and collective organization aware of social and economic life.

It is necessary to declare that the growing acceptability of socialism should concern all of us who wish to preserve a free society. Thus, the ultimate goal of socialism is to abolish private property, free markets, exchange, prices and profits, and substitute collective property and decision making to determine the allocation of resources.

Worrying acceptance

Living in an economically uncertain world, in which anyone with a smartphone can easily document an unjustified police shooting, it is understandable that many young people are attracted to social justice activism. Therefore, it is not surprising that radical ideologies such as socialism, with their promise to offer a more just, more egalitarian and juster world, will gain popularity among young people.

However, it is of the utmost importance to enact that socialism is not the answer. Despite its lofty promises to release the freedom of desire, the perfect man and ultimately, to introduce heaven on earth, socialism has given way to hell in all the places where it has been attempted.

There is no doubt that socialism has failed empirically and morally. In fact, socialism causes destruction

The resurgence of socialism in our adopted country has prompted many of us to speak. As the United States becomes more diverse and technology makes it easier to make connections, it is time to get in touch with socially conscious colleagues committed to making the world a better place.

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