MacAfee Receives Prestigious Coach K Award

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WEST POINT, N.Y. – Senior captain Dalton MacAfee

The Black Knights of the Army are the athletic teams that represent the United States Military Academy. In sport contexts, teams are usually called simply Army. They participate in the IA Division of the NCAA as a non-footballing member of the Patriot League, an independent Division I Football Bowl Division I school and a member of Atlantic Hockey, the Sprint College Football League (men), the League of Eastern Intercollegiate Gymnastics (men), the East Intercollegiate Struggle Association, the Great America Rifle Conference, the National Collegiate Boxing Association, the National Collegiate Paintball Association and the National Intercollegiate Women’s Fencing Association.

Now, it is worth noting that its main captain Dalton MacAfee was among the winners of the Mike Krzyzewski Award for excellence in teaching character through sport on Monday.

Likewise, the winners were announced at the Cadet Mess Hall during the 13th annual lunch where Coach K recognizes West Point athletes and coaches for their excellent commitment to the development of noble character through participation and athletic leadership.

Deserved recognition

It is already well known that the awards recognize the athletes and coaches of West Point for their outstanding commitment to the development of noble character through participation and athletic leadership. Likewise, the cadet receiver exemplifies Army values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage, both inside and outside of “friendly conflict camps.”

Now, nicknamed the “Coach K” awards, Dalton MacAfee was recognized not only for his athletic success but also for his commitment to excellence and respect towards his teammates, opponents and the sport.

For his part, head coach Brian Riley said, “We are very proud of Dalton”, he added, “He has all the qualities of a great leader: he is responsible, he is the first on the team and the leader is the most selfless. a very worthy recipient of this prestigious award and everyone can admire it”

No doubt their positive attitude and influence on the team allowed them to continue fighting even during the mid-season stretch. The senior kept the team season alive and the Cadets were one victory away from playing in the Atlantic Championship Weekend.

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