On climate change, humanity is not ‘evil’

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Certainly many believe that humanity is “evil” since all it does is destroy, however, it is not so, at least in reference to climate change.

It is important to mention that in conversations at the United Nations, the 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg said that if humanity really understands the science of climate change and still does not act, we are “evil”. This is because climate change means that “people are dying”. Thunberg also indicated what we must do to act correctly: in a little over eight years, we will have exhausted our remaining allocation of carbon emissions, so we must close everything that works with fossil fuels by 2028.

Even so, on the other hand, it has been confirmed that this statement is not uncommon since I have made it is fundamentally wrong. Yes, global warming is real and man-made, but its vision of climate change as the end of the world has no support.

A better life due to abundant energy

It should be noted that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that by the 2070s, the total effects of climate change, including on ecosystems, will be equivalent to a reduction in the average income of 0.2 to 2 percent.

That being the case, one could say that we do not emit CO2 with malicious intent. In fact, it is a byproduct of giving humanity access to unprecedented amounts of energy.

Meanwhile, it is clear that the abundant energy made a better life possible, without having to spend hours collecting firewood, polluting your home with smoke, achieving heat, cold, transportation, light, food and opportunities. Life expectancy doubled. The abundant energy, mainly of fossil fuels, has removed more than one billion people from poverty in the last 25 years, which is not bad, it is quite the opposite.

Likewise, it could be said that ending the global use of fossil fuels by 2028 is a flawed plan because green energy is simply not in a place in its development where it can take over what fossil fuels left. A difficult transition for good or bad would cause a true global catastrophe, sending most of us to extreme poverty.

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Source: Bjorn Lomborg | The Globe and Mail

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